Core Group

The Core Group forms the operative team of our network. It consists of four Working Group Leaders, the Science and Communication Officer, the ITC Conference Grant Coordinator, the Short Term Scientific Mission Coordinator, the Training School Coordinator, the Digital Humanities Officer, the Think Tank Coordinator, as well as the Chair and the Vice-Chair of our COST Action.

Action Chair

Juliane Schiel
University of Vienna, Austria

Medieval European history, slavery history, Venetian empire, historical semantics

WG 1 – WG 4

Action Vice Chair

Johan Heinsen
Aalborg University, Denmark

Convict labour, history of prisons, desertion, prison break, colonialism

WG 1 – WG 2 – WG 3

Science Communication Manager

Fia Sundevall
Stockholm University, Sweden

Military labour, gender divisions of labour, disenfranchisement, late modern Scandinavia

Public Outreach – WG 2

Grant Holder Manager

Lukas Neissl
University of Vienna, Austria

Labour history, legal history

WG 1 Leader

Claude Chevaleyre
CNRS Lyon, France

History of China, slavery history, global labour history

WG 1 – WG 3

WG 2 Leader

Christian De Vito
Bonn University, Germany

Convict labour, punishment, global history, Spanish empire

WG 2 – WG 3

WG 3 Leader

Vilhelm Vilhelmsson
University of Iceland, Iceland

Compulsory service, illegality, vagrancy, Scandinavia, 18th and 19th centuries

WG 3 – WG 2

WG 4 Leader

Hanne Østhus
Norsk Folkemuseum, Norway

Domestic service, slavery in Europe, early modern period, Scandinavia, gender and intersectionality

WG 4

STSM Coordinator

Matthias van Rossum
International Institute of Social History, Netherlands

Global labour history, slavery in South and Southeast Asia, early modern Dutch empire

WG 3

Training School Coordinator

Eszter Bartha
Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest, Hungary

Work and gender under state socialism

WG 4

DH Officer

Silke Schwandt
Bielefeld University, Germany

Medieval history, digital humanities

Digital Infrastructrure – WG 1

Think Tank Coordinator

Viola Müller

Leiden University, Netherlands / European University Institute, Italy

Runaway slaves, Atlantic slavery, urban history, illegality, 19th century

WG 3 – WG 4

ITC CG Manager

N. N.