Public Outreach

Coordinators: Anamarija Batista (Vienna, Austria), Corinna Peres (Vienna, Austria)


The Public Outreach team expands contacts with stakeholders outside academia such as NGOs, representatives from the education sector, policy makers and international institutions as well as representatives from the media and the cultural field. It gathers and coordinates ideas for round table discussions or non-academic events within WORCK and in cooperation with external partners.

Below are examples on ongoing and upcoming WORCK Public Outreach activities:

  • Sessions at the WORCK Conference 1, Budapest September 2020

    • “Academia meets Activists”. A film screening and round table discussion on agricultural working conditions in post-socialist Serbia.
    • “Dependency in Academia”. A round table discussion on working conditions in Academia.

  • A Travel Exhibition including artistic works, discussion tables, publications and educational tours shall present research topics and results of WORCK members to a broader public and travel to different places in Europe.

  • A Coffee Table Book and Open Access eBook shall present the research done by WORCK members in a popular form. Similar to “A History of the World in 100 Objects”, each contributor selects an object that best exemplifies his/her research.

  • Social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • The WORCK Website