WORCK Meetings

WORCK Meeting 1

27-29 February 2020: Lyon, France

In Lyon, all working groups meet for the first time for conceptual and methodological exchange. The Working Group Leaders will present first ideas to the whole network and the working group members will start their collaborative work on joint publications and activities. The three-day meeting closes with a discussion on the future digital research infrastructure, on cross-cutting research themes and questions for future WORCK Conferences, Training Schools and public outreach activities, and on the science and communication strategy of the COST Action.

Host: Claude Chevaleyre

Programme [pdf]

Poster [pdf]

Hotel list and booking form [pdf]

Photos by Tereza Kuldova, CC-BY-SA 4.0.

WORCK Meeting 2

24 February 2021: Online Meeting, hosted by Lisbon, Portugal

Host: Gonçalo Silva

9-12am: Exchange and Discussion between the WORCK Working Groups

2-5pm: Presentations and Discussion on WORCK Activities and Roundtable with Other COST Actions on the Current Situation with Covid19

7-8pm: Chill-Out Rooms