ITC Conference Grants

ITC CG Managers: Jakub Stofaník (Prague, Czech Republic), Ana Luleva (Sofia, Bulgaria)


Any PhD student or Early Career Investigator (ECI, i.e. 8 years after PhD) affiliated with an institution located in an Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) and participating in the COST Action CA18205 “Worlds of Related Coercions in Work” (WORCK) can submit an application for an ITC Conference Grant.

The following countries are considered ITCs: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Republic of North Macedonia, the Republic of Serbia and Turkey.

The application for grant should be submitted at least 45 days before the conference start date.

The ITC Conference Grants Coordinator, together with the Conference Grants Committee, evaluates each conference grant application and approves or rejects the applications in e-COST. The Coordinator and the Committee evaluate the scientific report after the mission and post-approve or reject the report.

The University of Vienna, as Grant Holder Institution of this COST Action, monitors the incoming approved applications, determines the amount of the grant based on the request and the available budget, sends the successful applicants their grant notification and ensures that all grants are paid within the deadline of 30 days.

For further information, please consult the User Guide for ITC Conference Grants.